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Ensign Victoria von Bathysphere

Name Victoria von Bathysphere

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Terran (Human)
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 131 pounds (59 kg)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Curly hair, look's older but isn't


Children Mózes von Bathysphere
11 Year's Of Age.
Father Simba von Bathysphere
Mother Judith Sweeney
Brother(s) Unknown.
Sister(s) Unknown.
Other Family Green.
Bounty hunter
Baby Daddy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Love's her work and doesn't care about her family perfer's talking rather than killing but killing is the Terran way.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Smart

Ambitions To become a successful officer within the Terran Empire
Hobbies & Interests Like's dancing and partying plus hunting

interested in golf.

Personal History Born accidentally to basically a drunk hooker and a business man. Both didn't want Victoria so they gave her to a nunnery holy order.

Growing up their wasn't much of children some here and there but never stayed in place always moved for training. So growing up it was either a Nun or a kid but 3 years older than her. Her teaching was about combat diplomacy and devil worshipping. She got taught about the devils and perks of choosing that one to worship for eternity.

She studied many like Chasha The Bloodthirsty and The Hideous Ahriman. But she choose Efraun The Soul Eater a clever boy who shares his wisdom and sinful habits with his flock. He didn't have much followers. Victoria didn't believe in this devil worshipping but had to if she was going to be a Nun.

Recruit - Senior Squire
Training ranks but still can be posted she wasn't until he was a squire a title given to Initiates after the completion of basic training. Still worshipping her chosen demon and learning how to fight.

After completing her training she was ready for deployment, Victoria remained calm she was told that was a perk of worshipping Efraun purge of emotions. She was sent to the slaver division. They mostly hunted and re-captured slaves that escaped or selling some to the Terran Empire.

Simply a child she came as a shook to the nuns as she was quicker and brighter and always helped during the planning stage.
Everything was executed flawless due to Victoria

Senior Squire
Transferred to the incident control unit. The order has worlds and if the designated controller messed up Victoria and her team mates would clean up. Her team were probable in their early and late 30's. And amazed someone at the age of 9 joined the team.

Most of the missions was securing assets or controlling the population by firing upon on them. She hated doing this but work was work.

The Ice World of Hargi
Leaving the order with a bounty on her head from them she relaxed on a literally snow ball. Taking petty crimes orders like ruffing someone up to stay away from their girlfriends. She did everything from crime to hauling ice blocks. Anything to pay for the room at the inn. Still worshipping the demon Efraun her faith got her through the deadly cold.

Victoria von Bathysphere sitting at the bar thinking about if she had enough for this week bills and able to buy some new boots. When a man clearly not from the planet stepped in and sat next to her. Curios about her age and how she ended here Victoria didn't share any light and asked who's he hunting he had the getup of a bounty hunter and his age as he was a pretty boy.

He said he was a bounty hunter hunting a girl with the name of Victoria von Bathysphere. Everyone in the bar stopped and some gagged on their drinks. Victoria von Bathysphere winked at him got up and shouted "Back to orders or ya be dance with that Vulcan i killed last week!" They quickly turned about and continued

The bartender noticed the wink she game to him left for the storage room he came back the time she was done and slid a vile and a needle. Bounty hunter still staring at her in amazement, Victoria quickly took up the items that laid on the bar and placed them in her pocket. Turning back around smiling at him she said i'm "Kate Barlow." The bounty hunter replied with. "I'm Green i'm 14 and i'd love to get to know you better."

She winked at him grabbed his hand and lead to her room...
Green exhausted laid upon the bed covered in the bed sheet and armour on the floor. She took the vile and needle from her trouser pocket that laid next to his armour pants. Filled the needle with the contact from the vile and injected into Green's vain. After it was all gone she withdrew the needle and wrote on the wall above the headrest of the mattress in black fine writing.

She took his armour and searched the pockets finding knifes and small pistols and a homing bacon to his starship.

The writing above the bed spoke.
"Dear Green, don't come looking for me and yes that's a warning I've injected you with Moss bane. It creates a cocoon around you and puts you in status for a week plus I've taken your starship
Victoria von Bathysphere."

She was along away away. And not knowing the right people it would be hell for him getting of world.

The Wreckage of Vorta Station orbiting Alpha Serpentis V
Trading Green's ship for a bar. The elderly couple always wanted a ship of their own. Unexpectedly she was with child and she knew the father was Green. With a good life on a station that was destroyed beyond repair. Regardless it had schooling children of all ages and it's a place where criminals went to retire.

She gave birth to her a baby boy called him Mózes. 4 Years later prying to Efraun The Soul Eater. Imagines of the Terran Empire came to her mind while praying and she felt happier and at peace with herself.

She told her most trusted employ they was in charge until Mózes came of age to take over the bar.

Terran academy.
Being a human with a record of violence she was selected to become an officer. She decided to take Communications & Medicine.

It was pretty easy if you was trained as killer Nun. She made friends of course people who think of equality and diplomacy.

During her second year she was posted the I.S.S Death as Assist Communications Officer and Medical Officer. Earning honour and glory as she worked tirelessly.

Ensign Victoria von Bathysphere gratitude top of her classes.

I.S.S Bismark
Service Record 2271 - Present
ISS Bismarck
Chief Communications Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Present

2265 - 2271
ISS Death
Assist Communications Officer and Medical Officer
Cadet Sophomore - Ensign

2264 - 2265
Major: Communications (A*)
Minor: Medicine (A*)
Cadet Freshmen - Sophmore

AGE 18
Left to join the Terran Empire

Age 14 - 18
The Wreckage of Vorta Station orbiting Alpha Serpentis V

Age 11 - 14
The Ice World of Hargi
Criminal & Drifter

AGE 11
Ran away from the order
Leaving isn't permitted.

Age 9 - 11
Keeper's of death
Nunnery Solider
Incident Control Unit
Senior Squire - Junior Knight

Age 8 - 9
Keeper's of death
Nunnery enforcer
Slaver division
Squire - Senior Squire.

Age 7 - 8
Keeper's of death
Nunnery Solider
Senior Initiate - Squire

Age 6 - 7
Keeper's of death
Nunnery Solider
Initiate - Senior Initiate

Age 0 - Age 5
Keeper's of death
Nunnery Solider
Recruit - Initiate