A new Queen

Posted on Thu Sep 16th, 2021 @ 4:04am by Captain Rose Jones

Mission: The Dark Side of Trek
Location: ISS Bismarck - XO'S Quarters
Timeline: June 5th 2267 - 0600 HRS

The young blonde woman was wrapped carelessly in a fury of blanket and sheet. The bed looked as if it had been attacked by a rabid animal. On the floor beside the woman laid a well-built Andorian man. The night before had been a torrent of sex that could almost be described as looking like a deathmatch. The room, now silent, had been filled with grunts and growls that would rival a cage of wild targs.

The peaceful calm that now enveloped the room was soon broken by the bright light of the computer terminal. After a few moments, Jones was awake and moving to her computer without care for attire. She sat down with a quick snap as the cold leather bite her naked but with a sudden sting. She looked at the screen with a frown on her face.

Across from the woman was an entertained older man dressed in a gold tunic with an array of colorful awards on his chest. He smiled as he spoke.

"Did I wake you, commander", the old admiral asked?

"Yes", Jones replied sharply, "What is it, sir?"

"Star Fleet has decided that Captain Smith is done. She's either dead or a traitor. Either way, the Bismarck is yours. Your first mission is to track down the captain's corpse and bring it home for a proper burial."

"Yes sir", Jones answered as she reached up and turned off the monitor. She slowly climbed to her feet and sauntered back to bed. Her Andorian plaything was still fast asleep on the floor. As XO Rose was running her schedule her own way. Now that she was captain, that was even more guaranteed.