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To Save the Captain

Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 8:55am by Captain Rose Jones

Mission: The Dark Side of Trek
Location: Edge of Imperial Space - Klingon Battleship
Timeline: June 3rd 2267 - 2300 HRS

The floor was filthy and grungy. Mud, dirt, rust, and various other dried fluids and substance formed an artificial carpet. Laing naked in the corner was a broken and battered Melissa Smith. Smith had been a guest of the Klingon Empire for several months. Her hosts had broken her days into her stay and now she was little more than a toy to them.

Melissa thought she was a proud tough example of a Terran Captain. She was superior to these dogs and she was easily able to outlast their efforts. It was only the second time they raped her when she broke and gave them everything. They knew the movements of ships in the area, they knew the names and ranks of the crew of Smith's ship and they even knew who Smith's family were. She was nothing more than a pet now.

For the moment, however, she was alone. No one was touching her or speaking to her or even acknowledging she existed. She was also sobbing like a child. This was a constant state for her and she didn't even realize it. She never realized that she was crying anymore. She simply knew she was in hell.

As the naked Terran woman lay in the corner her mind found its way back to the one hope she had left. A Terran rescue party. She knew if she were rescued and admitted her crime of treason to the rescuers they would grant her a fast and merciful death. Final freedom from the filth and violation that was her Klingon vacation. It was obvious that the Klingons were going to humiliate her and violate her as often as they could but her own people knew these animals. They knew the lengths they went to so they could hurt Terrans. They would grant her mercy and freedom from the humiliation that this life would be for her now.

Meanwhile, her executive officer, Commander Rose Jones had just been promoted to Captain. Having written off Melissa Smith, Star Fleet was now ready to see what a younger and more ambitious officer could do in the command chair of the ISS Bismarck. This promotion did not come without its own challenges. Captain Jones's first mission was to find and recover her last captain, where ever she may be. So starts the story of the ISS Bismarck... Scourge of the Empire!


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