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Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 8:08am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant JG Taylor Kehoe

Mission: Before The Story Begins

Taylor Kehoe was in line at the local watering hole, growing more and more impatient with each passing second. Folded arms turned into toe tapping. "Must resist urge to draw dagger." He told himself. "Unless it gets me promoted." He quickly added.

An hour went by and the line barely moved. "Incompetent dolts! Wouldn't last two minutes in my engine room." He said, storming out. He wasn't really looking forward and he plowed straight into someone. "Oh..crap." he muttered when he saw the Captain insignia.

Rose found her self on the ground looking up. Her face burned with rage. The gold two piece Captain's uniform now slightly dirty from the ground. Her padd laying beside her on the ground she considered grabbing her phaser but decided to be more patient at the moment.

"Just what the hell was that all about", Rose barked?

"Let's just say I'm impatient, Captain. " Taylor replied. "I want a drink, not to wait forever."

Rose climbed to her feet, picked up her padd and then sternly looked at the officer, "Well who the hell are you?"

"Taylor Kehoe, Captain." He replied. He was beginning to sweat by this point. "Currently unassigned engineer. And.." he started to stammer.

"Unassigned you said", Rose asked, "and are you any good?"


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