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XO Meets Captain

Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 7:48am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Location: Captain's Office

Yang would not admit it to anyone but she had butterflies. She had personally been given this assignment by Commodore Stone. Being a pawn was not particularly ideal but if she was careful, she knew that she could become a queen. His instructions were to get herself in Jones' confidence and to report personally to the Commodore. If Jones was male, this would not be a problem. After all, she knew how many men wanted her. And that was just as well, because it gave her advantages that others did not. Unfortunately, Rose was female.

Mentally, Yang shrugged. Perhaps if Rose liked women, she might be willing to move ahead by switch hitting. The idea was not palatable but one did what one had to do. So, what was the best way to get into Jones' confidence, she wondered. Ideas swirling in her head, she rang the chime to Jones' office and waited.

Jones was sitting at her desk with her boots up on her desk. She had her monitor turned on to the latest reports from the Fleet Intelligence on movements by rebels and the Klingons when the door chimed. She called out for the person on the other end of the door to enter.

"Good day, Captain Jones. I have been instructed to report as your Executive Officer. My name is Commander Yang Li. It is a pleasure meeting you."

Rose's eyes narrowed as she examined Commander Li. She lightly shook her head as she began to speak, "Yea, I know. I have been directed and ordered to be assigned my XO. Only captain in the fleet who can't pick her own XO... So when did whomever in the fleet that put you here tell you to try to kill me?"

"You might be surprised that my orders are quite the opposite," Li told Jones. "Apparently, you have the respect of the admiralty and I am to assist you and learn from you. Perhaps that is because I am being groomed for my own ship?" she offered by way of explanation.

"Respect or fear... it doesn't matter. If you're here to try to kill me... you will fail. If you're here to try to undermine me... you'll find yourself floating home without a space suit or space ship. As long as you do your duty and forget your allegiance to anyone but me, you'll enjoy your time on this ship. Do I make myself clear Commander?" Rose asked with a serious tone.

"Crystal," Yang replied with a neutral tone. If I were her, I would not believe me, either, regardless of my orders. "So now that we are beyond the mandatory preliminary warnings, how may I serve you, Captain?"

What's this, Rose thought? Was this woman sincerely willing to make such an offer? Jones wasn't quite sure how to react to this.

"And just how would you be willing to serve me, Commander," Jones asked now planting her feet firmly on the deck as she turned considering getting out of her chair?

"Tell me what duties need performing and I will do them for the ship, Captain. Is that not how an Executive Officer is to serve her Captain?" Yang wondered at why the Captain seemed ready to rise.

An almost evil grin crossed Rose's face as she climbed from her chair and moved to stand beside her XO facing the woman. She began to draw a light circle on the woman's shoulder with the tip of her finger. Her tone was a mixture of light and playful and dark and devious.

"So how do you see an XO serving her captain, Commander," Rose asked.

"Not sexually, Captain. I think you might find that my orders may conveniently be forgotten in such a situation. Anything else is not likely an issue." Interesting that the Captain likes women. I shall have to remember that.

"A shame", Rose began as she sauntered back to her chair and sat back down, plopping her feet up on her desk, "the more intimately I know my officers, the better I can trust them."

"I have found that is often a ploy for those who insatiable physical needs or those who utilize it as a method of control. However, it does also carry the risk that those who are sexually toyed with are often the ones that are more easily able to dispose of the person that had exploited them." She gave an innocent, yet somehow simultaneously malicious smile. "Not that I would have any personal knowledge of that sort of thing."

"Oh, Commander, I think I am going to enjoy having you as my XO after all", Rose began as she gestured to the chair across from her, "sit and be at ease. I plan for this crew and this ship to earn rewards and profits far beyond any thing it earned under its previous Captain. So how do you feel about that?"

"I very much like the sound of that," Yang responded as she demurely sat down. "It sounds like a worthy endeavor. May I inquire as to how you hope to achieve these lofty goals?"


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