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A Change of Plans

Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 7:48am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li & Lieutenant Georgette Lemare & Lieutenant Jennifer Edwards & Ensign Nickolas Edwards & Ensign Elleth Astrun & Ensign Victoria von Bathysphere

Mission: And So It Begins
Location: ISS Bismarck - Bridge
Timeline: June 1st 2271 - 1700 HRS

The ship had been at warp for a while when word came over the coms. New orders for the ISS Bismarck and her crew. Commodore Stone lost a lackey. The ISS Mitchell went dark some where near Organia and it was now the duty of the Bismarck to rescue her. The message hit Ensign Victoria von Bathysphere's ear peace.

"ISS Bismarck, this is Star Fleet Command. You are here by ordered and directed to alter course for Organia and investigate the disappearance of the ISS Mitchell. Find her and rescue her."

Ensign von Bathysphere noded and said "This is Bismarck order's revived executing." after closing the channel she spun around on her chair facing the main view screen, left hand on console. "Captain orders from command. Search and rescue ISS Mitchell located at Organia."

Rose spun her chair around and glared at the com officer. If her eyes had been phasers they would have been strong enough to drill a hole through a dooms day machine, "ISS Mitchell!? That's Commander Mansfield's ship. Hes one of Stone's people." Jones turned back to the view screen.

"Helm, alter our course and adjust our heading to Organia and drop speed to warp 2. There is no need to kill our selves to get to the last known position of the Mitchell. We don't want to be useless on arrival. Mr. Edwards please begin running drills against Klingon ships, rebel ships and one Akula class light escort ship. Ms. Li, please begin scanning for Klingon and Rebel ships as we approach Organia", Rose ordered.

Nick turned when the Captain mentioned his name. He looked at her and listened to her orders and stood from his station. He nodded and saluted her. "Yes Captain."

A replacement took over for Nick as he went in the turbolift to begin drills.

"I will. But why would anyone want to go back to that planet?" Yang asked.

Ensign von Bathysphere didn't listen to the XO's question. She turned to face her console and continued to monitor channels

Rose laughed with a clearly forced and unnatural laugh, "Come on people. This is one of Stone's men. When you let an idiot lead, you get idiots commanding Starships."

Yang did not laugh. She merely gave a smirk. "That still does not answer why Stone was there. Surely there must have been some sort of advantage, no?"

"Wait, was Stone there", Rose asked intrigued by the first officers comment, "I didn't recall the Comm officer saying that. Ms. von Bathysphere, did the message say that Commodore Stone had been there?"

"Communications did not say that. However, I was speaking colloquially. Stone's men. Hence, Stone. He had some interest there."

Victoria pushed some buttons. “Confirmed Command did not mention crew of the ISS Mitchell.” She spoke with her back behind them.

Georgette had stepped out of the turbolift a few minutes earlier and had overheard the orders regarding the Mitchell. She turned in her chair to face the captain. "The Mitchell's also a Constitution Class. But she's not as refitted as we are" she reported. "If the fools let Klingon rebels sneak up on them, they could easily overcome its shields." Georgette explained.

"And now we're sent in to clean up the mess. Such is life in the Empire," Yang replied matter-of-fact.

"Well, we will get there when we get there. Maybe if we don't make it in time, this will be a wake up call to Commodore Stone to be more careful where he sends his ships or the idiots he employees to command them", Rose replied as she hooked one leg over the side of her command chair, and took an obviously more relaxed posture. "So, Yang, where ya from?"

"Bejing, China, Captain."

"Ah, old country", Rose stated almost gleeful, "What about you, von Bathysphere, where are you from?"

Victoria eyed her monitors. "Conceived in Berlin raised by Nun's... Killer nuns for hire I may add" She answered

Elleth stepped onto the bridge and smiled slightly as she heard the banter. She glanced at the screen.


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