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A mission to bring together the crew of the ISS Bismarck and launch the latest Constitution Class Cruiser.

Start Date Sun Sep 1st, 2019 @ 5:18am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
A New Chemistry
by Ensign Victoria von Bathysphere & Lieutenant Jennifer Edwards
2271 Sickbay
Seeing the Captain
by Captain Rose Jones & Ensign Elleth Astrun
May 29th 2271 - 1300 HRS Captains Quarters
Some Tweaking Required
by Ensign Nickolas Edwards & Lieutenant Georgette Lemare
Navigational Control
Reporting For Duty
by Ensign Nickolas Edwards & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li
2271 ISS Bismarck, Ready Room
Let Loose the Dogs of War
by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li & Lieutenant JG Taylor Kehoe & Ensign Elleth Astrun
June 1st 2271 - 0800 HRS ISS Bismarck - Bridge
Checking In
by Lieutenant Commander Yang Li & Ensign Elleth Astrun
MD-1 XO's Office
A Welcome Opportunity
by Lieutenant Commander Yang Li
March 4, 2271 - 0800 HRS Starfleet Headquarters
The Next Big Name
by Captain Rose Jones
March 3rd 2271 - 0800 HRS Star Fleet Headquarters

Mission Summary