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Some Tweaking Required

Posted on Thu Aug 20th, 2020 @ 6:56pm by Ensign Nickolas Edwards & Lieutenant Georgette Lemare

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Location: Navigational Control

Georgette, was making her way down to the engine room. The corridors of the Bismarck were vast and like a maze if you were unfamiliar with the ships layout. Luckily for her she was very familiar with the ship, as being one of the engineers who assisted in its construction. "Engine room to Chief Lemare" the comm panel on the wall called. Lemare sighed, she wasn't even on duty yet, but they still called her for Every. Little. Problem. She pushed the button to answer.

"Lemare here. What is it now?!" she demanded.

"Chief, the Navigational Sensors you aligned yesterday. They've gone out of alignment again. I thought that I'd better let you know" the engineering officer replied. Lemare sighed again. The bugs of a new ship were always like this. "Understood, I'll fix them"

She turned away, heading towards Navigational Control. She just hoped no one was in there to mess up her repairs. Thats the last thing she wanted, some wet behind the ears officer getting in her way. Luckily Navigational Control wasn't too far away and she arrived quickly. She didn't want to upset the Captain, or the First Officer so she just walked right in like she owned the place.

Nicolas made his way to Navigational Control after finding out his sensors went out of alignment again. He thought the new upgrade was working. It worked great yesterday. What happened today? He was about to find out himself.

He takes the turbo lift down to the proper deck and stepped out. He made his way to Navigational Control and walked in.

Georgette heard the doors swish open. She looked over from the main console. There was a young man standing there, someone she had yet to meet. She wasn't one for introducing herself to every soul on the ship; afterall she was the Chief Engineer she didn't need to, they should know who she was.

"And you are?" she asked simply.

Nicolas gave her the salute and looked at her. She was a pretty one was she. This was gonna be an interesting day today.

"Ensign Nickolas Edwards. Chief Navigator."

Georgette looked the man up and down, taking in how he looked and presented himself. "Are you the one responsible for knocking these sensors out of alignment?" she asked, crossing her arms across her chest.

Nick laughed and shook his head. Of course, she'd immediately blame him for the misalignment on the sensors. He crossed his arms and looked at her in the eyes.

"No Lieutenant. My replacement did after my shift ended. He is to blame, not me."

Raising an eyebrow Georgette beckoned for the young Ensign to come closer. "Provide me with a name. I will have him or her put in the booth for this. Making more work and breaking my systems. I'm not going to stand for it. Also, are you going to make yourself useful or you just going to stand and stare at me?"

Nick grinned and made his way to attractive Lieutenant and stood a couple feet from her and nodded to her. "Of course I will help. I came down here to fix the issue as well. With the two of us, we can get it done and done right."

He looked at the console and eyed over to her and grinned wanting to see his replacement in the booth for this mistake. "Crewman Harper was my replacement yesterday. He should be disciplined for this."

"I will see to it" Georgette said simply turning back towards the console. She popped off the panel and pulled out some tools from her tool kit. "I need you to monitor the realignment as I do it. And whatever you do, don't touch the power controls unless you want us both to be vaporised by the plasma in here"
she ordered.

Nick nodded and kept watch in the alignment and his hands behind his back. "Yes ma'am. Hands behind my back." He didn't want them vaporized and the Bismarck lose two of her valuable officers. The Captain would not be happy and she probably wouldn't wanna pick through the weeds for two replacements.

A few minutes later the sensors were realigned and Georgette pulled herself away from the panel. "So" she said turning to the Ensign. "You said you were Chief Navigator. I suppose that makes you senior staff?"

Nickolas stepped back and put his hands back to the side. He listened to the Lieutenant and nodded. "Yes ma'am. It does."

"So then" her tone of voice changing to a softy more alluring tone. "What brings you aboard this ship?" She asked. "Duty, honour, self satisfaction or just the cute women of a fresh young crew?"

Nick inched close to her and looked at her with pure lust. "You can say... all the above. Those are pretty much trait marks of my family." He laughed softly and growled softly. "How about you? What brings you here? The attractive men of the crew? Love for the Empire? Higher rank at a faster pace?" He shrugged and grinned; curious as to what brings her to the Bismarck.

"I built this ship" Georgette told him. "The ship needed a chief engineer to serve the Empire, so here I am" she smiled. "I can't say I'm here primarily for the men, but there more of an 'added bonus' so to speak. I know that as the only female chief engineer in the fleet half of the engineering department either want my job, or want me for themselves"

"Or both." He replied with a nod. "You must be extra careful. Cause like you said, as the only female engineer in the department, every man will come crawling to you. To have their way with you and... to take your place." He knew how men can be to women. But he knew by experience how most men could do away with women for position and power.

"We can't have that now can we?" He inched up closer to her and held her hips. "The Captain especially would hate to lose you. It's not often women are in charge. You, Commander Li and the Captain are making quite a history."

"Oh no doubt" Georgette replied, allowing him to get closer. "But Ensign. Lets make one thing clear, I've killed men for wanting to use me." she whispered to him. "If this is your way of asking me, then you best be sure to be loyal. I won't accept anything else, especially should you want any more than just touching." she warned him. "I've made a vow that no future children from me will grow up with no father, or half siblings unless I make it that way"

He grinned and whispered in her ear. "Now let me be clear. And I say this only once." He pulled her to him and growled softly. "If you are willing to continue my family line, you... must also be loyal to me. You must be prepared to be part of a very powerful family. If ANYTHING... should happen to me, the wrath of the Edwards will reign down on you and anyone who harms me or any member."

He faces her and grinned; waiting for her next move.

"Loyalty works both ways" she replied simply. "If your family has that much power, don't go bragging about it" she told him. She grabbed his collar and pulled him closer. "I'll see you later flyboy. My quarters after shift. Don't disappoint me in either way".

He held her as she pulled him closer and grinned more. "I don't brag. Just stating facts." He kisses her on her lips and grinned. "See you tonight. I won't disappoint you."

"You best not" Georgette said in response. She gave him a nod before turning and leaving the room.

Nick watched as she left the room. This was gonna be enjoyable. He couldn't wait to give her his first child. He grinned and left Navigational Control and heads to the Bridge.



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