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Reporting For Duty

Posted on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 6:54pm by Ensign Nickolas Edwards & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li
Edited on on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 7:29pm

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Location: ISS Bismarck, Ready Room
Timeline: 2271

Nickolas' shuttle recently landed in the Bismarck's shuttle bay after he got assigned to the ship as her new Chief Navigator. He was to report to the First Officer so he could be added to the roster and have his quarters set and ready. He was anxious to get underway and bring glory and honor to the Empire and to those he was going to serve under.

After exiting his shuttle, Nickolas went to the nearest turbo lift and went to the deck where the Ready Room was and where he will meet his First Officer. Several minutes later, Nick stepped out of the lift and walked down the hall and went to the door.

He stepped inside and stood at attention. "Ensign Nickolas Edwards. Reporting for duty." He spoke and gave the Empire salute to his new First Officer.

The Chinese woman before him gave the salute in return and then looked Nickolas up and down like he was a delicious steak just waiting to be tasted. Let's see if this one will be useful or have to be disposed of. "Please, sit," she told him in a voice dripping with honey. "I would not have you uncomfortable when you first report in to me." She giggled lightly after that statement. "Tell me your name and then tell me what brought you to the Bismark."

Nickolas gave the woman a little lustful grin and walked over to the desk and sat down as he was told. She was lovely to look at and would love to get her out of her uniform and into bed. But first, he had to get through this interview and then have his way with her.

"My name is Nickolas Thomas Edwards." He spoke his full name to her. "My friends and those close call me Nicky for short." He looked at her some more with his lustful grin and lust in his eyes. "What brought me here to the Bismarck was so I can serve the Empire. I was also told this ship needed fresh new officers. Which was fine with me. I hoped to continue the Starfleet family line. We Edwards have been serving the Empire since the 22nd century."

"Have you now?" Yang replied with a sly smile. This youngster was too eager. But, eagerness could be used just like a puppy could be trained. She would have to make him hers before anyone else did - but carefully. "Tell me about your family and your education."

Nickolas looked at his First Officer as she circled around him. She had a magnificent body and couldn't wait to get his hands on her. He was curious what his Captain looked like. Does the Bismarck also have a female Captain as she has a female First Officer? That was a rarity in Starfleet but it was possible. Or so he believed was a rarity. But he was willing to find out soon.

"Well, my education is... decent." He began to spoke. "I have had some distractions during my time in the Academy but..." He looked at her ass some more and grinned. "I was able to pass with flying colors. I wanted to follow my father's footsteps. He started as a security officer and worked his way to Admiral today." He looked at her more and was tempted to have his way with her right on her desk. But he had to wait till he earned her. "We Edwards also enjoy getting into fights... and winning. It's what we do for a living. We enjoy another activity as well. But I am sure you can figure out what that particular activity is."

Nick then looked up at her and grinned more. "Would you like to know more about my family? As I said, we have been in the Empire since the 22nd century."

"Tell me about your parents, your grandparents, your siblings. I want to know everything about you." Hinting that might mean more, she approached the Ensign with a seductive grin. This is too easy. I will have him eating out of the palm of my hand in no time.

Nickolas looked up at her when she approached him and asked about his family. This was going good so far. He could tell she was very interested in him and wanted him. Badly. He was playing his cards right. It won't be long before they are alone in his or her quarters and have their way with one another. Plus, he had a feeling he was gonna love hearing about his family tree.

"My great grandfather was Matthew Edwards. He was the first to serve the Empire and be in Starfleet. He was a MACO. Not sure if you heard of them. But they were a military group at the time. Till they were disbanded. But fortunately for him, he got to be an officer for one of Starfleet's newest Warp 7 starships. The Hercules. It was there he met my great grandmother, Lieutenant Barbara Franklin, the Hercules' Helmsman. They immediately got together and months later, my grandmother was born. Felicity Edwards. Along with my great uncles and aunts." He chuckled and placed his hands on her bare hips as she moved closer.

"Yeah. They had about oh... ten children all together. Four boys and six girls. Grandma Felicity met my grandfather Peter in Florida. But... he was a bastard. Screwed with the wrong family and he suffered.... with great agony. But thanks to him, he gave my grandmother twin boys. Uncle Sam and my father Admiral Vincent Edwards." He rubbed her belly and growled softly and sat her on his lap. Yeah, she was his superior and he probably was pressing his luck but he knew what he was doing. This woman was not the first one he has been with.

"My father was first Captain of the Constitution and met my mother Bethany on the ship. She was firat a nurse but he promoted her to Captain's woman. Thus... I was born. Five years later, my twin sisters Jennifer and Emma and five more years later finally, my younger brother Gregory. So yes. My family tree is.... huge."

It did not take long for Yang to make a decision. Once she was placed on his lap, she was in the perfect position to grab his agonizer. Rubbing her belly was too far. With one fell swoop, she did so and applied it to his neck. She squirmed out from him and said, "Some boldness might be rewarded but too much will bring you a great deal of pain. I can do this until you pass out or die. Do you understand?" she told him.

"You will not try that again. You forget yourself, Ensign. The next time that you try to pull a stunt like that, the best thing that might happen to you is getting busted back down to cadet, regardless of your family history."

Nickolas growled with pain when she placed his agonizer on his neck telling him his place. Yeah. He did pressed his luck and should've known better but he loved a challenge and unfortunately, he failed this one. If she dare to kill him, she will suffer the wrath of his Admiral father and family. She and others have no idea how powerful his family is. But if she is lucky, she just might find out and just might become part of the family. Up to her of course.

After she finished, Nickolas put his hand on his neck and cracked it. He grinned at her and nodded. "I understand you perfectly." He replied with a small chuckle. He had a strong pain tolerance and not even the little agonizer can phase him. Now the agony booth on the other hand, that was a different story.

"Good, I am very glad that we had this discussion." She informed Nickolas, handing him his agonizer back with a pleasant smile.

Nick gently grabbed his agonizer from her hand and clipped it back onto his belt. He then looked at her again with his lustful smile and nods to her. "I must admit, it was... pleasant speaking with you." He spoke back. "I enjoyed giving you my family history. It's my favorite subject to talk about." He chuckled and stayed seated unless told otherwise.

"I bet it is," Yang replied with a reprimanding and demeaning tone.

Nick grinned at her more and kept his eyes focused on Yang. "Would you like to know more about me? My family? Or... anything else?" He asked curiously. He could stay in her office and talk to her for hours. But he would rather do so in the comforts of either his new quarters. Or hers. He figured her quarters are more welcoming than his for the time being.

A puppy dog. How cute. I'll be able to easily twist this boy when I need him as my tool. "No, Ensign. I have everything that I need right now. You're dismissed."

Nick nodded his head to the Commander and saluted to her. He leaves the room and heads to his new quarters.


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