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Seeing the Captain

Posted on Wed Aug 26th, 2020 @ 11:44pm by Captain Rose Jones & Ensign Elleth Astrun

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Location: Captains Quarters
Timeline: May 29th 2271 - 1300 HRS

Elleth took a deep breath as she stopped outside the door. The young Yeoman was reporting in to the captain. It was the first time she'd been alone with the rather formidable woman. She pressed the chime.

Rose had her feet propped up on her desk with her legs crossed. He was reading a padd when the chime rang out. She looked up from her padd as she called, "Come in."

Elleth stepped inside, coming to attention. She had her own padd in hand. "Captain, I have several departmental reports and I was wondering if there was anything else you might need me for."

Rose climbed to her feet and walked over to the woman. She ran her finger along from one shoulder to the other while walking behind her. Quietly examing Elleth, Rose sauntered around to her desk where she leaned against the edge. She licked her top lip slowly before speaking, "Are you saying you have something more important than spending time with your Captain?"

Elleth stood perfectly still as the captain moved a hand over her shoulder. She kept her eyes forward as the Terran woman walked behind her. Then her black eyes followed the captain as she leaned against the edge of the desk. "No, captain," Elleth answered, trying to use her empathic sense to figure out what the captain might be looking for here.

With an entirely playful mind frame Rose ran her finger along the other woman's arm. She smiled devilishly as she spoke, "My so eager to please...?"

"Always, captain," Elleth said nervously. She had not been sure what to expect but she was surprised by this. "I would...I would love spending time with you."

"Really", Rose asked as she stood face to face with Elleth. Their bodies lightly touching as Rose ran her hand down the back of Elleth's shoulder, "So are you telling me that you have a personal interest in me?"

"I....I....I've never...." Elleth stammered.

Circling around behind the woman again, Rose cooed lightly before speaking again, "Perhaps I have played with you enough for now, yomen. Besides, you have work to do. So, be to it."

Rose tapped the womans rear end lightly before pecking her cheek and playfully skipping back to her bed.

"I...I...'" Elleth stammered more as the captain tapped her buttocks, kissed her cheek, and then skipped back to her bed. 'Yes, captain." She turned and headed out, trying to decide what to make of this. Her empathic abilities detected what one might expect but still she was not sure what to make of it.

Rose had enjoyed her little exchange with her Yoman. She realized she was going to greatly enjoy her new assistant. As she settled into her bed, Rose slowly let her self drift off to sleep.


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