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Let Loose the Dogs of War

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2020 @ 4:31am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li & Lieutenant JG Taylor Kehoe & Ensign Elleth Astrun

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Location: ISS Bismarck - Bridge
Timeline: June 1st 2271 - 0800 HRS

Rose walked out into the bridge wearing her typical two piece command gold mini-skirt and top. As an officer called out 'Captain on the bridge' and every one stood and saluted, Jones gave a replied salute and moved down to her command chair. She sat down and crossed her right leg casually over the left before speaking.

"Lieutenant Kehoe, hows my warp core", Jones asked?

"Purring like a kitten, Captain. " Taylor said. "All speeds available at your command. "

"Commander Li, what is our current ship status", Jones continued?

"All departments are reporting in as ready for departure," Li reported professionally, keeping a careful eye on Jones. "My department, science, reports that all instruments are operating within normal parameters." She kept a hand close by a side knife on her hip, just in case anyone should try something foolish.


"Mr Lee, prep for departure", Rose ordered, "Helm set course seven three nine mark two two at warp factor six."

Tag Lee

The helm officer replied with a standard "Aye sir". Then the ship begin to move quietly sliding away from the planet before jumping to warp as streaks of stars passed by in a rainbow array of color.

Elleth stepped onto the bridge from the turbolift, thigh-high boots clicking lightly on the deck as the red mini-skirt of her two piece uniform swayed around her hips. She made her way to the captain's chair carrying a large wedge-shaped PADD with attached stylus. She approached the captain's chair and came to attention. "Reports for you, sir," she said, trying to keep her focus solely on the captain.

Jones took the padd and read over the information. Then she quickly signed with the stylus. She then offered the padd back to the yeoman without changing her view off the main view screen. Drumming her fingers on her arm rest Rose spoke, "Helm, engage. Now that we are underway I can disclose our orders. We are being dispatched to the New Frankfurt colony in the Erti Delta System. Our job is to provide defense while they get their weapons and shields online. The Emperor is worried that rebels may try to attack the settlement to disrupt Imperial control over that area."

Li looked over at the yeoman and gave a her a hidden, knowing smile when Yang heard about rebels trying to take over. Yang then looked back at her Captain and asked, "Why do the rebels not give up? We shall put them down just like every other attempt on disrupting the Empire. What is their gripe this time?"

The empathic yeoman was not looking at Yang as she left with the now signed report but she nonetheless paused and turned her head slightly at that hidden smile.

Rose sighed and shook her head, "You know Xo. I wish I had an answer. Perhaps they are too proud to ask for suicide so they do it this way to maintain some pride. Perhaps they have just hit their head and are not seeing clearly. Perhaps they are just soft. Either way... we will put them down."

"Yes, Captain, that we will," Yang replied with a vicious scowl. She then cracked her knuckles menacingly and continued, "It will be my pleasure. Is there anything special about New Frankfurt other than it being a colony that needs defense?"

Rose nodded, "Its near Sherman's Planet, a planet we have been trying to keep the Klingons filthy hands off of for some time now. This outpost will insure Sherman's planet is ours once and for all."

"Sherman's Planet?" Yang thought aloud. "Isn't that where the Enterprise incident occurred? Where the quadrotriticale is made?"

"Yes", Rose answered, "But more to the point, its where the Enterprise put Governor Lorey and the station manager in their place after the misused a Code 1 channel. We are going back there to insure we keep Sherman's planet."

"I seem to remember something about that. Quite a bit of hubris, the Governor...."

"Well soon you can see the hubris of the Governor yourself", Rose answered.

"Indeed," Yang responded. "I'm surprised that the Governor was not replaced."


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