A New Chemistry

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Mission: Before The Story Begins
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2271

Jennifer was sitting in her new office on the Bismarck. She was in her two piece uniform showing all her assets. She was happy to finally be away from the penal colony and on a ship.

What was better about being on the ship was her younger brother Nick was on board
Second was the many women on the ship. Including the Captain and First Officer. She hopes to get better acquainted with the two of them. More so of the Captain one day.

Victoria walk the halls towards the medical bay. You could tell it was her by her bright blue eyes blonde curly hair and walking in heels she had a interest past she didn't tell often.

Standing outside the medical bay she drove herself in and approached the office leaning against the open door frame.

Jennifer looked at her computer just minding her own business and hoped for some fun. She then looked up seeing a beautiful, attractive woman on the door frame and grinned.

She stood up; showing her physique and went up to her with pure lust. "Hello beautiful." She leans on the other frame and eyes at her. "What brings you to my new home?"

Victorian smiled her the compliments when asked she simply said “Physical and mental check in. But i’ll like your hands to ‘personally’ do it.” She winked afterwards.

Jen raised an eyebrow and grinned and went up to her. Their bodies touched and she wrapped her arms around her waist and felt every bit of her. "I can do that for you."

She picks her up and carries her in; locking the office door behind them. She sits Victoria on her desk and kisses her deeply.

Victoria gazing in her eyes spoke softly. “Nice to meet you Doctor?”

Jen grinned and held her close. "Nice to meet you as well Ensign." She slowly pulled off the top piece of Victoria's uniform and tossed it aside.

"You look amazing. You keep yourself in tip top shape." She cupped her cheek and kissed her again.

“Thank you ma'am... i’ll stay in shape for you chief medical officer.” Victoria said blushing.

She grinned and nodded. "I'd love that. Very much Ensign." She massages her shoulders and her breasts and arms. "Nice and toned. I love it."

Victoria smiled and gazed into her eyes.

Jennifer looked into Victoria's eyes and spun her around and held her hips and chuckled. "You have an amazing body, Ensign." She puts her head on her shoulder and grinned. "Enjoying your physical so far?"

She pulled down Victoria's uniform bottom and widened her legs and wrapped her arms behind her.

Victoria closed her eyes. “Indeed.” She said with a smile. “Any uhhhhh... showers around here?”

Jennifer grinned and grabbed her breasts. "Yes. There is." She gently bites Victoria's neck and kissed it. "Want me to join you?"

“N-... No... thanks.” She replied.

Jennifer grinned and gently slaps her butt. "Ok Ensign. Go and shower. Then we'll work more on your physical."

She points her to the corner of the room where the Sickbay shower was.

Victoria got herself up, collected her uniform and entered the shower. She set temperature to the highest it could go and entered as it was still warming up closing the curtain. Couple of minutes later Victoria exited the shower dried herself off re-dressed into her uniform.

Jennifer sat in her chair by her desk. She puts in Ensign Victoria's physical check up and grinned. She always enjoyed literal physicals with the women. Savoring every inch and every part of them.

When all was done she exited and looked for the chief medical officer. When he seen here she approached her.

Jen looked seeing the dressed up Ensign and gently sat Victoria on her lap. "Enjoyed your shower, Ensign?" She grabs her butt and gave it a firm squeeze.

She giggles like a little school girl. “I did... i just wanna sleep now.” Victoria said.

Jennifer grinned more and laid Victoria on her desk and kissed her more and sat up sitting on Victoria's lap this time. "Tired?"

She slowly stripped out of her own uniform and lays on top of Victoria.

Victoria pushed the Doctor back. “Not here... in secret, maybe”. She asked in a sad and worried tone of voice.

Jennifer puts Victoria's hands over her head and interlock their fingers. "Only push me if we are playing." She licked her neck and cheek and bit on her neck again.

She puts her breasts in between Victoria's face and grinned. "My quarters? Or yours? Up to you."

Victoria kicked the doctor away from her.

Jennifer grunted and grinned at the Ensign and grinned at her.

She collected her uniform and began to re dress for the 3rd time today. “Neither... we’re done.” She said with a angry look upon her face.

She went up to Victoria and pins her up to the wall. "But we're just getting started." She liked feisty women. They were more fun and it always a turn on for Jen.

Victoria returned fire by head-butting her then kicking her kneecaps.

Jennifer stumbled back feeling the blows and looked back at Victoria. "Oh. You're gonna go there huh?"

She grabbed Victoria and tackles her to the ground and grabbed her neck. "Don't make me hurt your beautiful face and body."

Ensign von Bathysphere licked Jennifer's bottom lip then next bit it. While she was distracted with love Victoria withdrew a golden knife from her rear bumper. And gripped the hilt firmly stabbing Doctor Edwards in the lower once and then twice.

Jen felt the blade hit her body and released her grip on Victoria's neck and sat on the floor.

Getting up she smirked at the doctor titled her head; Returned her knife to its resting place and exited the medical bay.

"Oh. I'll be seeing you again soon." She grunts and went and patched her wounds up with the aid of her nurses. She then went to her cabinet in her office and opened it. It was where she stashed her drugs and grinned.

She grabbed a hypospray and made herself a dose of her own pain killer and sighed deeply and laughed. She then made herself a dose of a relaxer and used the spray. She grinned more and kicked up her legs and relaxed at her desk. "It'll take more than a few stabs to put this she wolf down."


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