Welcome to the ISS Bismarck!

Welcome to the home of the mature writing sim ISS Bismarck. ISS Bismarck is a dark, unbridled, mature writing simulation based on a world created by Gene Roddenberry. I am not talking about the utopian future of Star Trek but its darker and meaner mirror universe as shown first in Star Trek The Original Series episode "Mirror Mirror", Star Trek Deep Space Nine episodes "Crossover", "Through the Looking Glass", "Shattered Mirror", "Ressurection", and "The Emperors New Cloak", as well as Star Trek Enterprises two-part episode "Through a Mirror Darkly". This is a world very much like Star Trek meets Game of Thrones with a dash of Quentin Tarantino, M. Night Shyamalan, Steven King, and a little porn. This is the kind of Trek I have wanted to write. This is the kind of story that is the new ISS Bismarck.

This ship will have adult themes. These will be dark, graphic, violent, bloody even criminal and sexual. If you are under 21 you should have parental permission to be here. If you are under 14 you are required to have parental permission to be here. This is a place that is designed to offer virtually NO restrictions on writing. This is a blank canvas with no edges. I want to foster the best writing by removing all the restrictions that other sims may have.

With this big open world, there is ONE main rule that is the root of all rules. RESPECT EACH OTHER! This is not a place to bully, attack or hurt others. This is a place to be free to write and make your own story. With that said, this is a reboot of an idea that is removing all the boundaries and giving freedom to the players and writers. So if you want to post in a world where the stories can vary from a bloody genocide to mind-shattering torture to a hard-core porn scene, then this is the place for you. Join today!

ISS Bismarck is rated . This is a mirror universe sim, so its darker and edgier. Join at your own discretion.

Latest News Items

» Here We Go Again, On Our Own

Posted on Wed Feb 24th, 2021 @ 12:01am by Captain Rose Jones in General News

I have been promising for some time now that ISS Bismarck would start back up. That time is NOW. ISS Bismarck is here by relaunching in 4 days, on Saturday February 27th 2021. Any one who wants to join the crew or remain aboard should POST IN to the initial post (or apply if your new). There will be more to come soon!

» Picking up the pace

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 8:03pm by Captain Rose Jones in General News

Ok so Id like to see us more active. I am just as guilty of our current issue as every one else. So, if you can please post more frequently. If the current crew count is an issue, I strongly encourage consider joining my other mirror sim, the ISS Yamato. No one is required and it will not be held against any one for not joining, but I have proposed the same to the crew of that sim as our numbers are low over there also and its also slow. The site for that sim is https://yamato.split-world.com/. It is a DS9 era sim that started as a Kelvin Mirror TNG era sim. So its different but more like a TOS Mirror in the DS9 Mirror Universe. So just something to think about. I will be launching the next part of this story in the next day or so.

Latest Mission Posts

» A new Queen

Mission: The Dark Side of Trek
Posted on Thu Sep 16th, 2021 @ 4:04am by Captain Rose Jones

The young blonde woman was wrapped carelessly in a fury of blanket and sheet. The bed looked as if it had been attacked by a rabid animal. On the floor beside the woman laid a well-built Andorian man. The night before had been a torrent of sex that could almost…

» To Save the Captain

Mission: The Dark Side of Trek
Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 8:55am by Captain Rose Jones

The floor was filthy and grungy. Mud, dirt, rust, and various other dried fluids and substance formed an artificial carpet. Laing naked in the corner was a broken and battered Melissa Smith. Smith had been a guest of the Klingon Empire for several months. Her hosts had broken her days…

» Tba

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 8:08am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant JG Taylor Kehoe

Taylor Kehoe was in line at the local watering hole, growing more and more impatient with each passing second. Folded arms turned into toe tapping. "Must resist urge to draw dagger." He told himself. "Unless it gets me promoted." He quickly added.

An hour went by and the line barely…

» XO Meets Captain

Mission: Before The Story Begins
Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 7:48am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li

Yang would not admit it to anyone but she had butterflies. She had personally been given this assignment by Commodore Stone. Being a pawn was not particularly ideal but if she was careful, she knew that she could become a queen. His instructions were to get herself in Jones' confidence…

» A Change of Plans

Mission: And So It Begins
Posted on Sat Sep 11th, 2021 @ 7:48am by Captain Rose Jones & Lieutenant Commander Yang Li & Lieutenant Georgette Lemare & Lieutenant Jennifer Edwards & Ensign Nickolas Edwards & Ensign Elleth Astrun & Ensign Victoria von Bathysphere

The ship had been at warp for a while when word came over the coms. New orders for the ISS Bismarck and her crew. Commodore Stone lost a lackey. The ISS Mitchell went dark some where near Organia and it was now the duty of the Bismarck to rescue her.…